Events with Far-Reaching Impact

Through our five flagship events, CABS offers the primary medium for business student collaboration across Canada. Our programming involves a combination of a leadership curriculum with moderated discussion, enabling the on-boarding of instrumental knowledge and rare insight to best prepare our members for success.


A Chance to Be Involved

An event is nothing without the people that execute it. Hosting creates more opportunities for the students of your school to become involved, gain experience and skills, and network with other students, alumni, and industry from across the country.

Build a Reputation

A successful event brings notoriety, status, and interest in your school. Other events and conferences you host will be viewed favorably, creating more opportunities for success through future initiatives.

Greater Partnership Opportunities

Hosting a professional event with a unique offering creates value in which to develop new and meaningful partnerships within your community, which can transfer to other programs and offerings.

Contribute to the National Community

Every year delegates leave the various CABS leadership conferences with a renewed sense of purpose. Hosting a CABS event is an opportunity to give back into the network that has helped empower both yourself and your constituents.


Flip through the following information to learn about the hosting and bidding processes and best practices. This is a condensed version of the CABS Conferences and Competitions Policy.

  1. CABS launches a campaign to attract schools interested in hosting;
  2. Interested schools express their interest to CABS by submitting a ‘letter of intent to bid’ before a prescribed deadline (the letter must follow the format and template prescribed by CABS);
  3. CABS and the interested schools will communicate, sharing resources and information necessary for the interested school to create a bid document and presentation;
  4. The interested school submits the bid package (document, presentation and any other non-standard additions) before a prescribed deadline;
  5. The bid package is provided to the Board of Directors of CABS in the first or second week preceding a vote, and the “selection of organizing committee” for each applicable event is added to the agenda of the upcoming meeting of the Board;
  6. The ‘upcoming Board meeting’ usually occurs during another CABS event, where the interested school is invited to present their ‘bid’ or ‘bid package’ to the Board in under 10 minutes, either in-person or via electronic video means (optional but highly encouraged);
  7. The Board votes in closed session;
  8. The bidding parties are notified of the result;
  9. The vote is made public immediately by CABS through press release and online news release.

The prescribed deadlines mentioned in the aforementioned process can be found in the governing document, Corporate Directive on Prescribed Dates, which is subject to modification at any time by the management team. For your convenience, dates are posted to the Important Dates page on the website.

Important Dates

The document under the guardianship of the President, which means that all changes must be approved by her/him in order to be official. The prescribed deadlines and templates are important to respect and use, because they offer mandatory guidance to interested schools where there are fields and content that they must submit.

Each conference and competition in the undergraduate business circuit falls into one of two typical hosting categories:

  1. Events hosted annually by the same organizing committee at the same location, group or university.
  2. Different groups or universities interested in forming an organizing committee to host an annually occurring event each create a “bid” and present it to the organization for review, where the administrators of the organization vote on which bid to retain.

CABS’ Flagship events fall into the second category, while other events, such as the National Business School Conference (a CABS associated event) fall into the first category.

Interested schools must include the following content in their bids. These points are high-level, as to allow for creative freedom within the hard content of the bid itself.

Bid Document

The bid document is more elaborate than the bid presentation. It is comparable to a condensed business plan or project management plan. It should hold all information relevant to the vision for the event, as well as the human and financial resources required to attain this vision.

The basic required sections and subsections in a bid document include:

  • Idea
  • Cost (Delegate Fee)
  • Host location
  • Unique theme
  • Dates
  • Complete Schedule of Events (sessions, activities, explanation of each event, outlining the objective, the content breakdown, relevance to CABS and event mandate)
  • Transportation Provisions (to the event, between venues, and if applicable – after the event)
  • Team (Mandatory to present very complete profiles including the experience and qualifications of candidates showcasing their academic, employment and leadership experience)
  • Budget (use budget form; must be saved on Program Team Drive provided by CABS and updated by VP Finance monthly)
  • Timeline (use project management form; must be saved on Program Team Drive provided by the VP Events and maintained weekly)

The general bidding procedure featured above is included in the CABS Conference Policy, which extensively covers the governance of CABS’ property events and the relationship between the successful Program Team and the CABS Management team. Interested bidding parties should familiarize themselves with the content featured in the policy.

Step 2
Fill, Attach and Send

Once you have downloaded and completed all mandatory forms applicable to the event your are bidding for, complete the following fields. The forms should then be attached at the bottom of the form below.

Expand each of the following sections for more detailed guidance on hosting.

Once hosts secure a successful bid, they must take the ensuing steps to ensure the respective event is of top caliber and representative of the abilities of parties involved.

The stylistic and thematic aspects of the event are an opportunity for the host school to present to delegates the image they wish to portray of their university. Each school and respective area have something special to offer, and the Program Team is encouraged to highlight what makes their community unique.

Session material becomes a collaborative effort between the CABS Management Team and the Program Team. Drawing upon past feedback, experiences, and materials, the CABS Management Team will leverage it’s developed curriculum and resources to assist the Program Team in ensuring that the conference workshops best serve the needs of business school executives and developing leaders.

Aside from the planning of session material, the OC is responsible for executing the deliverables for the event, however, both marketing and finance are centralized through CABS. The Program Team reports to the VP Events of the CABS Management Team, who serves to guide and mentor the Program Team, in addition to serving as a liaison between the Program Team and the entire CABS Management Team. As previously mentioned, both finance and marketing are centralized through CABS – any financial changes that occur after the bidding process must be consulted with and approved by the CABS VP Finance, and event marketing occurs through CABS media channels.

Once the event has concluded, CABS will work with the OC to finalize any financial accounts or other conference-specific business. The OC needs to ensure any event-related documentation is transferred to the CABS management, so the resources developed can be available to future committees.

Additionally, the CABS management team will reach out to the delegates through surveys and personal inquiries to elicit critical feedback, ensuring that such initiatives are continuously refined and improved. The OC will have a chance to take part in this feedback process; combined with reflective communication with the Management team, every individual who played a role in the success of the event will have the opportunity to leave the conference with new skills, insight, and experience.

The following table contains up-to-date information regarding the specific timelines for the deliverables that accompany each bid for a CABS’ Flagship event. While the exact dates may change during each fiscal year, the general timeline for the deliverables is largely standardized.

F20152015-01-15ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016Deadline For Letter Of Intent
F20152015-01-15ConferencesECLR 2015Deadline For Letter Of Intent
F20152015-01-15ConferencesCBSC 2015Deadline For Letter Of Intent
F20152015-01-29ConferencesJDC Central 2015JDC Central 2015 | Toronto, Ontario
F20152015-02-12ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016Deadline For Bid Documentation
F20152015-02-12ConferencesECLR 2015Deadline For Bid Documentation
F20152015-02-12ConferencesCBSC 2015Deadline For Bid Documentation
F20152015-03-04ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2015Leaders Roundtable 2015 | Prince George, BC
F20152015-03-07ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016Bid Presentation And Voting
F20152015-03-07ConferencesECLR 2015Bid Presentation And Voting
F20152015-03-07ConferencesCBSC 2015Bid Presentation And Voting
F20152015-03-03ConferencesWCLR 2016Deadline For Letter Of Intent
F20152015-04-15ConferencesWCLR 2016Deadline For Bid Documentation
F20162015-05-07ConferencesWCLR 2015WCLR 2015 | Regina, Saskatchewan (Start)
F20162015-05-10ConferencesWCLR 2015WCLR 2015 | Regina, Saskatchewan (End)
F20162015-05-28ConferencesECLR 2015ECLR 2015 | Peterborough, Ontario (Start)
F20162015-05-31ConferencesECLR 2015ECLR 2015 | Peterborough, Ontario (End)
F20162015-08-13ConferencesCBSC 2015CBSC 2015 | Toronto, Ontario (Start)
F20162015-08-15ConferencesWCLR 2016Bid Presentation And Voting
F20162015-08-15ConferencesECLR 2016Bid Presentation And Voting
F20162015-08-15ConferencesCBSC 2016Bid Presentation And Voting
F20162015-08-16ConferencesCBSC 2015CBSC 2015 | Toronto, Ontario (End)
F20162015-11-19ConferencesNBSC 2015NBSC 2015 | Winnipeg, Manitoba (Start)
F20162015-11-21ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2017Bid Presentation and Voting
F20162015-11-19ConferencesNBSC 2015NBSC 2015 | Winnipeg, Manitoba (End)
F20162015-12-28ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016CABS Award 2016 Nomination Period (Start)
F20162016-01-04ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016Election Dates and Delegation Estimate Survey Due
F20162016-01-13ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016All Attending Executives To Join Facebook Event
F20162015-01-15ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016CABS Award 2016 Nomination Period (End)
F20162016-01-16ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016Outgoing Executive Registration Through Google Forms
F20162016-01-16ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016Incoming Executive Registration Through Google Forms
F20162016-02-08ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016Delegates to Submit Session Information Through Google Forms
F20162016-02-09ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016Delegates to Submit Transportation Information Through Google Forms
F20162016-02-21ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016Delegates to Review Leaders Roundtable Delegate Guide Before Event
F20162016-02-24ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016Leaders Roundtable 2016 | Calgary, Alberta (Start)
F20162016-02-28ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016Leaders Roundtable 2016 | Calgary, Alberta (End)
F20162016-03-03ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2016Delegates To Submit Post-Conference Feedback Through Google Forms
F20162016-03-07ConferencesHead OfficeIncoming Presidents to Submit CBSC 2016 Preferred Dates Through Google Forms
F20172016-03-07ConferencesHead OfficeEmail To Incoming Presidents Regarding F2017 Summer Conferences
F20172016-03-13ConferencesHead OfficeEmail To Incoming Presidents Regarding WCLR/ECLR 2016 Discussion Sessions
F20172016-03-13ConferencesHead OfficeIncoming Executives To Submit WCLR / ECLR Discussion Session Information Through Google Forms
F20172016-03-19ConferencesWCLR 2016WCLR 2016 | Registration Open
F20172016-03-20ConferencesWCLR 2016Delegates To Register For WCLR 2016 Through Google Forms
F20172016-04-02ConferencesWCLR 2016WCLR 2016 | Registration Closed
F20172016-04-04ConferencesECLR 2016ECLR 2016 | Registration Open
F20172016-04-04ConferencesECLR 2016Delegates To Register For ECLR 2016 Through Google Forms
F20172016-04-07MembersHead OfficeMembers to Submit Turn-Over Date & Executive Position Information Through Google Forms
F20172016-04-09ConferencesHead OfficeEmail To Incoming Presidents & JDC Central Captains Regarding CBSC 2016 Chosen Dates
F20172016-04-09ConferencesHead OfficeMembers To Confirm CBSC 2016 Approved Dates Through Google Forms
F20172016-04-16ConferencesWCLR 2016WCLR 2016 | Delegate Payment Due
F20172016-04-18ConferencesECLR 2016ECLR 2016 | Registration Closed
F20172016-05-02ConferencesECLR 2016ECLR 2016 | Delegate Payment Due
F20172016-05-12ConferencesWCLR 2016WCLR 2016 | Kelowna, British Columbia (Start)
F20172016-05-15ConferencesWCLR 2016WCLR 2016 | Kelowna, British Columbia (End)
F20172016-05-26ConferencesECLR 2016ECLR 2016 | Waterloo, Ontario (Start)
F20172016-05-29ConferencesECLR 2016ECLR 2016 | Waterloo, Ontario (End)
F20172016-08-11ConferencesCBSC 2016CBSC 2016 | Ottawa, Ontario (Start)
F20172016-08-14ConferencesCBSC 2016CBSC 2016 | Ottawa, Ontario (End)
F20182017-05-01PresidentHead OfficeF2018 Board of Directors Applications Due
F20182017-06-01ConferencesCBSC 2017CBSC 2017 | Halifax, Nova Scotia (Start)
F20182017-06-04ConferencesCBSC 2017CBSC 2017 | Halifax, Nova Scotia (End)
F20182017-07-27ConferencesECLR 2017ECLR 2017 | Sherbrooke, Quebec (Start)
F20182017-07-31ConferencesECLR 2017ECLR 2017 | Sherbrooke, Quebec (End)
F20182017-11-16ConferencesNBSC 2017NBSC 2017 | Winnipeg, Manitoba (Start)
F20182017-11-19ConferencesNBSC 2017NBSC 2017 | Winnipeg, Manitoba (End)
F20182017-04-18ConferencesCBSC 2017CBSC 2017 | Halifax, Nova Scotia Registration Open
F20182017-05-08ConferencesCBSC 2017CBSC 2017 | Halifax, Nova Scotia Registration Closed
F20182017-06-20ConferencesECLR 2017ECLR 2017 | Sherbrooke, Quebec Registration Open
F20192018-06-14ConferencesCBSC 2018CBSC 2018 | Fredricton, New Brunswick (Start)
F20192018-06-17ConferencesCBSC 2018CBSC 2018 | Fredricton, New Brunswick (End)
F20192018-08-16ConferencesECLR 2018ECLR 2018 | Ottawa, Ontario (Start)
F20192018-08-18ConferencesECLR 2018ECLR 2018 | Ottawa, Ontario (End)
F20192018-08-10ConferencesWCLR 2019Deadline for Bid
F20192018-08-10ConferencesECLR 2019Deadline for Bid
F20192018-08-10ConferencesCBSC 2019Deadline for Bid
F20192018-09-30ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2019Deadline for Bid
F20192018-11-15ConferencesNBSC 2018NBSC 2018 | Winnipeg, Manitoba (Start)
F20192018-11-18ConferencesNBSC 2018NBSC 2018 | Winnipeg, Manitoba (End)
F20192019-01-07ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2019CABS Award 2019 Nomination Period (Start)
F20192018-01-05CompetitionsJDC Central 2019JDC Central 2019 | Guelph, Ontario (Start)
F20192018-01-07CompetitionsJDC Central 2019JDC Central 2019 | Guelph, Ontario (End)
F20192018-01-31ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2019CABS Award 2019 Nomination Period (End)
F20192019-01-16ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2019Registration for Roundtable 2019 Begins
F20192019-03-21ConferencesLeaders Roundtable 2019Leaders Roundtable 2019 (Location TBD)


All inquiries regarding the Western Canadian Leadership Retreat, the Eastern Canadian Leadership Retreat, the Canadian Business School Conference, or CABS Roundtable should be directed to the VP Conferences.

All inquires regarding to JDC Central should be directed to the VP Competitions.


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