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NameTitleProgramCABS Email 
Cody MackayExecutive Director,
Nina MulberryExecutive Director,
Lauren LeganDirector of
Luke CookeDirector of
Jennifer StolarchukDirector of
Chelsea KalynExecutive Director,
Angy JiangExecutive Director,
Amgelika JarskiDirector of Corporate
Jacqueline RelkeDirector of
Keith DiazDirector of
Anson ChanDirector of
Georges AyoubExecutive Director, ExternalCABS
Alice YaoExecutive Director, InternalCABS
Chelan DaroughDirector of LogisticsCABS
Rose FerrerDirector of Sessions & Speaker RelationsCABS
Stefanie ZarnowskiDirector of EventsCABS
Aryan VatanianExecutive Director, External
Frederick BurtonDirector of Logistics
Rahmin SuraniDirector of Sessions & Speaker Relations
Genevieve TaylorDirector of Events
Shealin OwensExecutive Director, External
Ben WilsonExecutive Director, Internal
Laveen JoseDirector of Corporate Relations
Tony NicolettiDirector of Logistics
Akhil ChananaDirector of Human Resources
Sarah CarthyDirector of Events
Calvin ParkerPresidentHead
Zac HoggVP CorporateHead
Simon BullockVP FinanceHead
Cody MackayVP MarketingHead
Jessica GutierrezVP MembersHead
Calvin ParkerVP ConferencesHead
Rose-Lyne BoghosVP CompetitionsHead
Dan ParkDirector of MarketingHead
Jean-Philippe AllenDirector of FinanceHead
Adam NormandDirector of ITHead
Kent DePeuterDirector of Corporate Relations, PrairiesHead
Lash KugathasanDirector of Corporate Relations, CentralHead
Kingsley EzeDirector of Member RelationsHead
Stuart MairDirector of ConferencesHead
Zachary CarmelAssociate Director of ITHead
Julie MarinExecutive Director, External JDC
Devon BentleyExecutive Director, External JDC
Aladdin HasmaniDirector of Corporate Relations JDC
Nicole LawsonAssociate Director of Corporate Relations JDC
Michael WongDirector of Logistics JDC
Ejaaz IdrisDirector of IT JDC
Aqib ZiaDirector of HR JDC
Caroline MessierGemesDirector of Charity JDC
Sushen TalwarDirector of Sports JDC
Franco ValelaDirector of Social JDC
Alexandra EnglishDirector of Events JDC
Shawn GrenierDirector of Events JDC
Tyler GrieveDirector of Marketing JDC
Jeanna KozanExecutive Director, External
Victoria JohnsonExecutive Director, Internal
Brady KapovicDirector of Corporate Relations
Amanda JohnsonDirector of Logistics
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